Pricing Overview

MOVA is a full scale Virtual Assistant Agency, meaning we offer both administrative and business management services. Depending on your business’s needs, services can be provided as a part of a monthly package, or for an hourly rate.

HOURLY RATE: $50 – $65/ HOUR

*This rate is subject to change, and all potential clients will receive a final proposed rate after outlining the specific projects / tasks they need assistance with.

Hourly services can include (but are not limited to) administrative tasks, content writing, business development, event planning, graphic design, operations management, podcast/video editing, recruiting, research and social media management.

PACKAGES: $250 – $1500 USD

Packages are suitable for companies looking to have an assigned VA helping them on an ongoing basis, versus one-off projects.

  • Benefits of a monthly package versus an hourly rate:
    1. Guarantees your VA will be available to you a set number of hours (or projects) each month.
    2. Allows you to budget your monthly expenses based on the agreed upon contract.
    3. Easier to develop strategies to meet long terms goals and expectations (and also to track your ROI).
  • Package services and rates are customizable – we encourage you to contact us if you want to create a package that includes specific projects or tasks (not listed on our website).

unsure whether hourly or package rates are better suited for your desired project(s)?
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